Business Lines

Surface Treatment Materials / Equipment

The surface treatment technologies including plating have been applying to almost whole ranges of products relating to our human life such as household commodities, daily commodities, electric home appliances, electronics components, precision instrument, automobile and others, and have been occupying an essential position in our human society. We trust that the surface treatment technologies have been supporting various manufacturing industries creating comfortable, convenient and affluent society.
We have been dealing with various surface treatment materials, equipment, industrial chemicals, analysis apparatuses and other widely, and contributing to the development of these manufacturing industries as an expert and leading partner providing the total support to the surface treatment industry.

“Prompt response to the requirements from the clients” is our basic concept. For your searching and consulting of any chemicals, equipment, control equipment, relating parts and materials required surface treatment, please feel free to contact us.

Surface Treatment for Aircraft Related Industries

Aircraft industry has been receiving a fair amount of attention as one of the main industries which are responsible for the next generation. We have been engaging in such aircraft industry by taking full advantage of its technical know-how and network for the surface treatment it cultivated long years. As “Safety first” is the top priority concept for designing and manufacturing of aircrafts, the surface treatment for the aircraft parts has been performed under the severe standard and specification. We have been supplying the surface treatment materials and equipment meeting these severe standards to its clients. If you take an airplane, we trust that you will satisfy the quality and performance of the parts of aircraft treated with TSUMURA’s chemicals and equipment.

We also have rich installation experiences of some large-scaled automatic surface treatment equipment for the parts of aircraft. We are always open to your inquiries and requirements for new installation, renewal and upgrade of various kinds of equipment such as surface treatment equipment, fluorescent penetrant flaw detector, coating equipment, waste water treatment equipment and others.

International Trade

We established our affiliated company named “KOREA TSUMURA Co., Ltd.” in Seoul, Korea in 2002. Beside Korea, we have established its cooperative network in mainly Asian area such as China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia and others. In trading with these countries, we have been dealing with not only the surface treatment materials and related equipment, but also wide range of commodities such as daily commodities, foods, cosmetics and others.

Business Lines

  • Plating chemicals, materials & equipment
  • Industrial chemicals, reagents, analysis apparatuses
  • Noble metals, non-ferrous metals, and these salts
  • Recovery of noble metals from waste solution of noble metal plating
  • Electrodeposition paint, electrodeposition coating equipment
  • Rectifiers
  • Pre-treatment・anodizing equipment  ※ Surface treatment for aircrafts
  • Painting equipment  ※ Surface treatment for aircrafts
  • Fluorescent penetrant flaw detector  ※ Surface treatment for aircrafts
  • Waste water treatment equipment
  • Re-construction and repair of surface treatment equipment, and equipment parts
  • Ion plating equipment, dry-type surface treatment equipment
  • Wire processing machinery
  • Polishing compound, grinding stone, and these relating materials
  • International trade with Korea, China and other countries
  • Office rental