We are a leading specialized trading company in surface treatment industry.

Total support for surface treatment creating future generation

To respond to the diversified needs from our clients as a leading specialized trading company in surface treatment industry, we have been providing the optimum total solution to the various surface treatment lines flexibly with introducing the leading-edge technology and high-quality materials.

TSUMURA Co., Ltd. was established in 2014 by succeeding the high level technologies and know-how relating to surface treatment cultivated by TSUMURA CHEMICAL INDUSTRY Co., Ltd., which were built-up through its aggressive and successful business activities for plating materials for over 50 years and its steady and rich network with various reliable specialized manufacturers, agents and others.

As well as providing the surface treatment industry with various surface treatment chemicals and materials, we have been trying our best efforts to enhance ourselves in the technologies of surface treatment equipment to respond to various requirements from our clients toward automation, scale expansion, higher performance and others. Under these efforts and activities, we have been expanding our sales achievement steadily.

Domestic production lines providing many high-quality “Made-in-Japan” products to the market are required to operate in full capacity without wasting time. We are conducting a consultation for any inquiries and requirements concerning the chemicals, materials and equipment for plating, anodizing, electrodeposition coating and others. We are now in a right position to design new equipment having higher convenience and performance and renew the present lines. Upon receipt of requirements for repair or upgrade of the equipment from users, we are trying our best efforts to provide them with our planning and offer remedy and maintenance as quickly as possible, and realize recovery of their production. Our basic principle is “Solve any problems our clients facing sincerely by provision of our one-stop service to them”. So please feel free to contact us in any inquiry for chemicals, equipment and materials including even one piece of jig.

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